New VolleyWrite Switch Sides Option

New VolleyWrite Rule

Due to COVID-19 pandemic the changing of courts between sets has been eliminated. To help the officials and scorers deal with this change, the thoughtful engineers at VolleyWrite have added a new checkbox in VolleyWrite Version 5.0.3 to allow control of the automatic switching of sides between sets.  The new checkbox is located on the Set Play page of the Rules tab labelled, “Switch Sides Between Non-Deciding Sets”. If that box is NOT checked, the teams will remain on the same side until the deciding set, then you have the option to change that based on the coin toss.

It is important to download the new version of the VolleyWrite software, version 5.0.3. The download is available here:

Watch a quick video tutorial on YouTube.

Follow these steps to change the rules:

  1. Open VolleyWrite.
  2. Go to the Rules tab.
  3. Open the Set Play page.
  4. In the “Rules Application” section on the left-hand side, there is a checkbox with the label, “Switch Sides Between Non-Deciding Sets”.  If that box is un-checked, VolleyWrite will not alternate sides automatically.
  5. You may save the new rule set, but you must use a unique name.  You can also set the new rule set as your default…
Switch Sides Between Non-Deciding Sets checkbox settings:
CHECKED means VolleyWrite will alternate sides automatically.
UNCHECKED means VolleyWrite will not alternate sides automatically.

If you have questions, please review the video at It provides a quick walkthrough, provides tips and all the information needed.