TSSAA Referee Regulations Procedures – 2020

TSSAA Volleyball Officials modifications for TSSAA Volleyball, Fall 2020

    • By state association adoption, long-sleeved, all-white collared polo shirt/sweater are permissible. (5-3-1 NOTES 2)
    • Electronic whistles are permissible. (5-3-2a, b)
    • Cloth face coverings are permissible.
    • Gloves are permissible.

Officials and Coaches:

There are the guidelines published by NFHS for officials’ modifications for officiating volleyball this fall for Tennessee.  Additionally, TSSAA is including some other guidelines and procedures:

  1.  You MAY wear a solid long sleeve white shirt with NO trim, logo, etc. under your official polo top to avoid having to purchase an additional official shirt with long sleeves.
  2. You MAY referee in a mask that fits around the ears.  The scarf masks that look like a cowl neck scarf are NOT legal.  The mask must be one solid color with NO logo or print of any kind.  You may NOT referee in a face shield.
  3. You may use an electronic whistle.  Keep in mind, the batteries of those whistles do NOT last an entire season.  They usually last 13-16 matches.  Carry extra batteries and a regular whistle for emergencies.  PRACTICE with the electronic whistle before you are assigned a match.  It IS a learning process according to those who have used them.
  4. You may referee in gloves.  We do NOT recommend this since, according to medical personnel, for gloves to be effective, they need to be changed FREQUENTLY because of high contamination.
  5. You may referee in a jacket or sweatshirt if it has the Certified Volleyball Logo on it.
  6. Check with the local guidelines for mask requirement.  Some areas will require you to enter/exit in a mask.  All referees will have temperatures taken upon entrance into the facility.  If your temperature registers high, go to a cool place within the facility and have it taken again about 5-10 minutes later (especially if it is hot outside…).  If your temperature registers too high, you will not be allowed to enter.  CALL your LOCAL assigner immediately if this happens and notify the HOST management/coach to tell them that you must exit and cannot officiate. 
  7. We strongly recommend that you wear a mask when talking to scorers, trackers, line judges, captains, or coaches.  LIMIT any conversation with anyone else other than what is absolutely necessary.
  8. Bring your own WATER.  Most sites will NOT have concession stands or water fountains available.  If you have several matches, you might want to pack a few snacks.  There will be NO hospitality rooms this year.  If a site has concessions, it will be extremely limited with pre-packaged items only.
  9. Bring your own hand sanitizer!  Use it frequently.
  10. Only HOME team scorer, tracker, and timer will be allowed to sit at the scorer table.  Visiting team scorer, tracker, and statisticians must sit on their team bench or in the stands.  There are NO exceptions to this rule this year.
  11. Schools will provide FLAGS for all regular season contests.  Invitational tournaments—officials will provide flags.  You might want to carry wipes or hand sanitizer for the handles of the flags.  For regular season contests, leave the flags on the table.  Allow the Line Judges to retrieve them and officials will NOT touch them.  Go over their duties and ask them to return flags to the table at the conclusion of the match.
  12. Rosters will be submitted directly to the scorer table.  Officials are to check rosters from the table without TOUCHING the rosters.  Ask the scorer to turn it so you can see it to confirm players and numbers.
  13. R2 will NOT sign in scoresheets at the end of the set.  They will report their initials to the scorer, who will write them on the scoresheet.  R1 will NOT sign the scoresheet at the end of the match.  They will report initials to the scorer who will record on the scoresheet.
  14. Pre-match conferences will be held PRIOR to starting the 15:00 warmup.  The 2 referees and 2 the HEAD COACHES ONLY will meet center court, maintaining social distancing.  R1 will inform teams if they will be staying on same side or changing sides between sets (if an advantage exists on one side ONLY).  The visiting team will be given the choice of serve OR receive.  The HOME team will have chosen their bench prior to the conference.  There is NO coin toss.  Immediately following the ground rules, choice of serve/receive, exit the floor, and tell the timer to start the pre-match warmup clock.  Both teams pass on their own court from 15:00-12:00.  Serving team will be given 6 minutes warmup at 12:00. Receiving team will have court 6:00-0:00.
  15. At the beginning of the set, ENTIRE teams go to baseline. R1 whistles/signals players onto court.  They may meet for “wave/verbal good luck” FROM THE ATTACK LINE ONLY but there will be NO physical contact between teams. R2 will monitor this social distancing.
  16. R2 will check lineups from the Scorer table WITHOUT touching the lineup/roster sheet from the coaches.  Ask the scorer to turn it so the referee can confirm the correct lineup.
  17. Host management may clean the volleyballs prior to the match and between sets.  Volleyballs should NOT be cleaned during timeouts or other game interruptions. Referees are NOT to participate in the cleaning of the volleyballs.
  18. If the match requires a deciding set, Set 3 of 2/3 or Set 5 of 3/5, the R2 will meet ONE captain from each time center court, maintaining social distancing, for the decision.  The HOME team captain will choose to serve/receive.  If teams have NOT been changing sides, they will maintain that bench for the deciding set.  If they HAVE been changing benches, the VISITING Team Captain will have the option to choose her bench.
  19. Teams have been instructed to social distance on the benches and limit bench personnel.  Once ALL chairs are filled and there are NOT enough chairs to seat everyone, substitutes IN UNIFORM will be allowed to stand BEHIND the bench. They cannot stand in the sub zone, or at the end of the bench.  They must stand behind the chairs and movement should be limited.  All bench personnel NOT IN A UNIFORM MUST be seated on the bench. 
  20. At the conclusion of the match, the R1 will whistle, signal, and teams may ‘MEET” AT THE ATTACK LINE to wave/congratulate with “Good Match”.  Teams should immediately report to their team benches.
  21. Some schools will require all persons in the bench area to wear masks.  The referees are NOT to address/enforce mask wearing.  That is Host Management responsibilities.  Referees are only responsible for bench personnel as to who is seated and who can stand.
  22. Again, limit conversations before or during the match with anyone other than your working partner and persons pertinent to the match/your duties.
  23. At the conclusion of the match, both referees gather personal items and exit IMMEDIATELY.  If you are using rubber gloves, I recommend disposing of them immediately.
  24. There should be NO conversations at the conclusion of the match with ANYONE.  Ideally the referees should exit through a door NOT used by fans!  “Avoid the Crowd”
  25. We recommend that you sanitize your referee gear regularly!  Clean whistles, wash uniforms immediately, sanitize your flags if you must use them, dispose of rubber gloves after one working assignment if you use them.  Sanitize your masks regularly!  Carry several masks with you. 
  26. Communicate regularly with assigners, schools, working partners, and check the local regulations regarding mask wearing, temperature taking, etc.  Stay away from crowds at tournaments.  Find a place to go where you can social distance from others if you have multiple matches. 
  27. Stay healthy!  Stay safe!  We need ALL healthy referees this season.  Your health is MORE important that this sport!!!